Irina in Wonderland


Irina, a young immigrant from eastern Europe is happily married to handsome and successful Stefan. When he loses his job, she decides to take destiny in her hands by getting a job as a taxi driver. When she proudly presents her husband with the good news he reacts badly to it. He does not think that driving a taxi is a decent job for his wife. Irina remains undeterred, in fact the challenge only spurs her on. But then her first work day in multicultural Zurich turns into a nightmare.


Isabelle Von Meyenburg: Irina
Alberto Ruano: Husband
Elisa Catano Espiñola: Madam with dog
Pantaleo Stella: Lover
Alejandra Cardona: Punk
Heini Hophan: Alcoholic
Carine Kapinga: Pregnant lady
Christian Seidel: Businessman
Bhante Anuruddha: Buddhist monk

Technical Data:

Country of Production: Switzerland
Year of Production: 2015
Running Time: 25'
Format: 2K
Screen Ratio: 16/9 - 1: 2'35
Color: Color Gender: Fiction
Shooting Place: Zürich-Switzerland
Original Version: German, Spanish & German
Subtitles: Spanish & English

Specification Sheet:

Production: Arnulfo González
Director: Silvana Ceschi & Arnulfo González
Screenplay: Arnulfo Gnzález & Silvana Ceschi
Cinematography: Enzo Brandner
Art Director: Silvana Ceschi & Arnulfo González
Sound: ALexander Boëthius
Editing: Antonia Adelsberge


SILVANA CESCHI (Switzerland, 21/7/1966) studied journalism at the Swiss School of Journalism (MAZ) in Lucerne. She started working as an assistant director on a number of feature length documentaries at the distinguished Swiss Filmproduction House Dschoint Ventschr. She attended the Documentary Master School at Filmwerkstatt Münster and the Binger Documentary Directors’ Coaching Programme in Amsterdam. After her 50 minutes TV documentary «The Last Wall» and the highly regarded short documentary «Muridi aus Zürich» (nominated for the ARD Civis Media Prize), she released her first feature-length Film «Queen of Condoms» (Co-directed by Reto Stamm) which won the «Best First Documentary Award» at the International Filmfestival Docupolis in Barcelona. Right now Silvana Ceschi is editing her long-time observation-documentary «Santeria – Europeans dealing with afrocuban Gods» as well as writing the screenplay to her Fiction-Film «ORO».


  • Festifil - Festival La Fila Cortometrajes: Spain
    Best Actress


  • Fibabc-Festival Iberoamericano de Cortometrajes ABC.ES: Spain
  • Clujshorts Internacional Short Film Festival: Romania
  • Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Escuelas de cine El Espejo : Colombia
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Puerto Madryn-MAFICI: Argentina
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Digital Experimental de Espacio Enter Canarias: Spain
  • Trani Film Festival: Italy
  • Full Bloom Film Festival: United States
  • Portobello Film Festival: United Kingdom
  • La Rioja es de Cine-Festival Internacional de Cortometraje & Cine Independiente: Spain
  • Caff, Cmovie Asia Film Festival: Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
  • Internacional Filmmor Women's Film Festival: Turkey
  • Riverside Short Film and Video Festival: United States
  • Fincortex-Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Experimentales: Colombia
  • Ko&digital-Festival Internacional de Cine Solidario: Spain