Lorena López

Lorena holds a Ph.D. of Latin American Cultural Studies from University of Zurich (Ph.D. thesis: Publication "From Narco-Narratives to the reality. The new heroes of the Latin American societies", Zurich, 2014). Previously, Lorena had obtained a Master’s degree in German and Spanish Studies in the same institution (Master's thesis: Documentary medium-length film "Aquí sobran las rimas. The poetry slam scene in Mexico City", Mexico, 2009).

Her expertise encompasses Modern literature, Urban arts, Cinema analysis and the impact of media on society. She lived in the UK, Malta, Italy and Brazil and speaks the respective languages. She has extensive experience as a copywriter and translator of Spanish, German and English in all directions.

She has written literature and film criticism and published essays, focusing on issues of modern urban societies (e.g. Co-edition of essays anthology "Violencia urbana, los jóvenes y la droga").

Lorena currently works in her own company, providing language and communication services, while traveling the world.